Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Vico Crazy Craq Strong Cheese

The Chef spotted these at a French motorway service station, and although he doesn't actually read this blog that often (I know! How annoying is that?) he didn't remember us trying them. And he was right. We hadn't.

The squirly shape of this cheesy snack made them easy to remember; or perhaps I ought to say, to not remember. Which he didn't.

We have essayed a few Vico products before but none, I think, named in Franglais. This twisty crispy snack is not in fact called Crazy Craq Strong Cheese, but Crazy Craq Strong Cheese** (and then in very tiny writing down on the corner of the packet just in case you couldn't work out what that meant) **Fromage Intense. We are left to work out for ourselves what Crazy Craq is supposed to mean. That's very crunchy to you.

Un max de CRAQUANT says the packet. Un max de goût FROMAGE. Un snack totalement VRILLÉ. Basically, great crunch, great cheesy taste, and a totally twisty snack. And that is indeed pretty much want you get.

We've tried twisty snacks before but none with such a good crunch. Techie taste tester was particularly impressed. Like me he'd taken a quick look and decided this cheesy snack would have a soft foamy crunch. But not a bit of it. There's a great crunch going on here.

And a great cheesy taste too. Yum. Probably frightfully bad for me but definitely yum.

The creepy little guy at the top of the packet is Professeur Vico. He advocates "Vicothérapie". Which seems to consist in eating Vico products. Well, he would wouldn't he?

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