Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Zweifel Secrets Dried Beetroots

A distinctly weird combination from Switzerland.

I took the bag in to work for the reluctant taste testers to try and almost without exception they told me how odd they thought these crisps are.

Some of them liked the dried beetroot but I must say I thought the texture was very strange. And maternity cover taste tester thought it was a bowlful of fried flowers! Well, it's true that the beetroot does look just like dried rose petals.

And as for the crisps.... Zweifel usually make very nice crisps. In fact, they make my very favourite crisps. In this case the crisps are the usual Zweifel fine cut with a light crunch. But the taste is sort of sour cream, a bit mustardy. Really odd.

Sorry Zweifel. We didn't like these at all.

The packaging is a nice beetroot colour. The crisp/beetroot combination looks pretty and works well with the packaging. But who eats these?

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