Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Smiths Bugles Nacho Cheese

We can't quite remember where we got this crispy snack made by Smiths in The Netherlands. Probably it came from a motorway service station in Northern France. But we can't be sure.

When I took these out of my bag this morning Dutch taste tester practically shouted "my favourite!" which was a pretty good response. And extremely picky tester was thrilled because they are just like the crispy snack she learned to love (and eat far too many of by the sound of things) in Thailand. Pretty much everyone in the office liked them a lot and, augmented by maternity leave tester who was back for a catch up day, we noshed down two large bowlsful.

So what have we got? Well, according to the ingredients (listed in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German and Finnish) this is a crispy maize snack flavoured with cheese. I'm not going any further than that because I don't speak any Nordic languages. Except of course it's always fascinating to discover things like the Finnish for carbohydrate is hiilihydraatteja. Who wouldn't want to know that?

These little trumpet shaped snacks are a favourite in the Netherlands I gather. And we have tried a French version from Bénénuts, and an Italian version from San Carlo but I don't remember seeing a British bugle. Or trumpet. I wonder why not?

A very cheesy aroma wafts from the bag, the bugles taste pretty cheesy and there is a satisfying crunch. Probably everyone will hate me but I feel there is a dull slightly mushroomy after taste. So I didn't enjoy them as much as I might have.

Having said that, everyone liked these a lot and I only kept a few to take home to the Chef.

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