Thursday, 16 April 2015

Lay's Saveur Poulet Rôti

Toujours aussi Savoureuses! Another crisp discovered by the Chef at a French motorway service station.

This is a very nice roast chicken crisp. Rather pale in colour and finer cut than the average British crisp with a light crunch. This offering from Lay's of France (part of PepsiCo France) has a terrific taste and seems to contain real chicken; albeit pulverised or reduced to powder in some fashion.

The crisps are scattered with tiny bits of green which must be either thyme or parsley. Or perhaps both. With a little onion in the mix it all combines to make a very good simple crisp. Simple and very tasty.

A good crisp for every day and none the worse for that.

I must say I was most surprised to find this flavour included at № 19 on a list of Top 25 Strangest Lay's Flavors from Around the World. This a list which features Hot Chili Squid (17), Lemon Tea (15), Lychee (12), Blueberry (6), Cucumber (2) and Garlic Soft-shell Crab (1)! Surely roast chicken cannot be considered a strange flavour for a crisp? I note the label is bilingual so possibly the roast chicken flavour featured here is Canadian rather than French. I've not tried a Canadian version so can't comment.

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