Friday, 10 April 2015

Lay's Wavy Mango Salsa

These crinkle cut crisps from the 2014 Lay's Do Us a Flavor range were brought by my lovely friend Lynn from Buffalo. The draft review has been hanging around on my bloggy page for ages and I don't know why I haven't posted these crisps before.

Sadly a journey in a jam-crammed suitcase (Lynn can force more into a suitcase than you can possibly imagine - I stand in awe of her packing skills) didn't do these crisps any good so they are a bit more broken up than you would expect, but that doesn't affect the flavour which is the most important thing. When it comes to Do Us a Flavor the flavour is the whole point but what a weird idea: Mango Salsa?? Who thought of that you cry?

Well, we tried Cappuccino flavour crisps from the 2014 Do Us a Flavor range before and we weren't that impressed. In fact, lets be a bit more honest here: we thought they were pretty horrid. And tasted of coconut which was distinctly odd.

Anyway, these are meant to be Mango Salsa. And what did we think?

I quite like Lay's wavy crisps. They usually work quite well. But, um, these crisps really do taste of mango. Amazing! Except I really really don't like mango. Never have.

So, if you were a big fan of mangos you might have liked these limited edition crinkle cut crisps. If like me you think that mangos  taste of tin.... just me then..... you wouldn't have been mad keen.

However, I'm not convinced the world is ready for such an un-crispy flavour. Even mango fans can't be ready for this crisp flavour. Can they?

I gather the winning flavour was Kettle Cooked Wasabi & Ginger. Sigh. That sounds more like a popcorn flavour than a crisp flavour to me. Obviously I haven't tried it but, I don't know, not sure that it sounds right for a potato crisp flavour. Increasingly I find that the truly simple flavours are the best.

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