Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Walkers Crispy Crackers Cheddar Cheese

New! The great taste of Walkers on a cracker. New! Tasty crackers seasoned with the unmistakably delicious taste of Walkers.

Well, there is no denying that these oven baked crispy crackers are tasty. I'm not sure that the taste is unmistakably a Walkers taste, but the packaging doesn't go quite that far. The aroma is cheesy, and the tasty flavour is cheese with a little hint of onion. Or so it seems; there isn't any onion listed as an ingredient but it could perhaps be part of the mysterious "Flavouring". And then at the end you get the salty/sweet taste of the cracker itself.

Lovely thin crackers too. Mostly not even 2mm thick. But this does make them quite fragile and I noticed that even at the top of the packet there were quite a lot of broken pieces. This is obviously a bit of a problem. The broken crackers are  bit sharp; maybe they fight their way out of an ordinary style crisp bag? Maybe that's why the bag has been designed with 4 sturdy seams and a fat gusset.

You can see the broken bits in my photograph but the strange shape of this cracker doesn't show at all well. You can see it on the packet though. Very odd. Call me peculiar if you like but to me they look like little hairdryers. Whatever they look like, it is an odd shape.

Tasty. But it is worth noting that the recipe contains Sulphites and other chemicals like Monocalcium phosphate. Things you don't normally find in a high quality crisp these days.

The Chef reckons these cheesy crackers are a bit bland and not cheesy enough. But he approves of the crunch.
Sadly the little guy throwing his rubbish away responsibly is not a Walkers design but the generic symbol used all over the place in this country. I'm not impressed.


  1. I wonder what that "unmistakably delicious taste of Walkers" really is? I am not denying that it exists - you could spot a Walkers crisp at any blind tasting, but I am at a loss to diagnose what the taste is down to. Could it be the cooking oil they use perhaps or more likely some preservative they add in. Wishing you a most happy and crispy and tasty New Year Georgina.

    1. I'm not sure what the unmistakably delicious taste is either. And I was disappointed to see the Sulphites and so on in this recipe because as I said, most Walkers crisps don't come with added chemicals. I've not tried a blind taste testing... what is most distinctive about many crisps is not so much the flavour but the thickness of the crisp.
      Hope your hand is getting better every day.


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