Friday 18 December 2015

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Hand Cooked Sea Salted

Life is full of mysteries, and one of them is: who ate all these crisps?

The reluctant taste testers ate a bowlful with much enjoyment but I think the History Graduate provided a second crispy snack at lunchtime so I took the rest of the packet home with me. So who ate the rest of the packet?

Well, that would be the Chef, who liked these a lot. Of course he's not admitting this crime but I know it was him. And that's a very good recommendation. Because he's very picky.

In fact the reluctant taste testers and I liked these crisps a lot too. We so often try mad flavours of crispy snack, or complicated combinations of flavours, that we hardly get the opportunity to try something really simple.

This is a simple flavour. And fabulous with it. Lovely. Fairly lightly salted. Nice crunch. Skin left on the potato. Very good indeed.

You should try them if you have a local Sainsbury's.


  1. They look delish~ and I like the lightly salted ones!

  2. Yes. Very good. It's nice to have a plain simple flavour for a change.