Wednesday 23 December 2015

Torres Selecta Black Truffle

Don't these crisps look lovely?

What a handsome golden colour! Beautifully cooked with a "just right" crunch. They feel good too.

Unfortunately.... unfortunately none of the reluctant taste testers liked them at all. And I thought they were really horrible.

It turns out that none of us like truffle, not even the tall elegant taste tester who correctly identified the nasty taste as truffle. Everyone else had guessed mustard or petrol. Yes, really. Initially I thought garlic but then decided on bad breath. And the taste lingers.

Oh dear oh dear.

I can only suppose that someone likes these handsome crisps. But maybe that someone (all those someones) are in Spain.
Considering none of us liked the crisps it was a shame this was a great big 125g bag.

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