Saturday, 5 December 2015

M&S Mini Poppadums

This crispy snack was another choice provided by the history graduate taste tester. Which pleased the extremely skeptical taste tester who just loves the taste and the texture of poppadoms.

The packaging suggests this would be the perfect accompaniment to curry. And the serving suggestion shows a bowl of finely sliced red onion.

So not really intended to be eaten raw as it were. Or solo. But nonetheless, they are pretty good. And a nice little size for snacking. A shame we didn't have any chutney in the office.

And... made from gram flour which is ground chickpeas and could perhaps be slightly healthier for you than maize or potato flour. But I notice that M&S don't claim any sort of healthiness.

The pink and purple packaging is really very pretty although with that clear panel it does look better before you eat all the poppadums.

For some reason I failed to take a photograph of these miniature poppadoms. I know they're called mini but they seem really tiny compared to the dinner plate sized poppadoms of my childhood. But anyway, you can see exactly what they look like from the packet.


  1. Call me a traditionalist if you want but ground chickpea has no place in any self-respecting crisp packet. Yours etc. Traditionalist, Huddersfield

  2. OK, Traditionalist, I expect you are probably right. But technically you'll find that this is not a crisp but a crispy snack. And thus not necessarily made of potato.
    But hey! I can't be too picky as without you I wouldn't have written 1 post let alone 400. x


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