Sunday 27 December 2015

Tesco Finest Limited Edition Prosecco & Elderberry Crisps

Another Prosecco flavour crisp? Really?

I'm afraid so, crisp fans.

Sweet, delicately fragrant elderberry with the festive fizz of Prosecco says the packet. Luckily it also says Limited Edition.

I think I get it. I really do. The crispy snack technicians working for Mr Tesco, and for Messrs M&S  (Winter Berries & Prosecco anyone?) wanted to provide the most up to date crispy technology for all crisp fans this Christmas. And everyone knows we all drink Champagne and Prosecco and Cava at this time of year because bubbles are somehow associated with celebrations.

But that bubbly fizz on a crisp? It's not for me.

OK. So some people may love this crisp. I can hardly get past the horrible Sodium Bicarbonate fizz even to taste these things. That's a bit unfortunate isn't it?

And some of them are pink. I think the M&S version was a bit less pink. Maybe I'm remembering wrong. But otherwise there isn't a great deal to choose between them. So I'm guessing that whoever it is creates crisps for Tesco does the same for M&S. If you know any different I would love to know.

I went to Tesco twice in search of these crisps because I felt the need to try them. The first time there wasn't even an empty space on a shelf so I came away disappointed; the second time I'd looked on their website and seen they were out of stock but I took the bus anyway and triumphantly carried a packet home. And I put them on the Christmas tea table.

The Chef's nephew tried one and that was enough. The Chef's niece boldly tried three. She wasn't impressed. The Chef's brother had already seen the packet the week before and said "yuk" so there was no hope of getting him to try. The Chef bravely tried three and admired the actual crisps but not the weird fizz. Or the sweet taste.

As always with Tesco crisps these are big and crunchy and beautifully cooked. Great quality.

I'm sorry. We really didn't like these crisps. And I think the Chef's niece said she has two friends who are mad for Prosecco and and they don't get Prosecco crisps either.

The verdict: too weird for us.


  1. I agree with you....that does not sound appetizing at all! Pretty color, though! lol...

  2. Yes they are pretty. But I prefer my crisps to be salty rather than sweet. The packaging is pretty too.