Monday, 7 December 2015

M&S Eat Well Bacon, Tomato & Worcester Sauce Potato Snacks

Ever hopeful, the reluctant taste testers and I tried another Eat Well flavour from Marks & Spencer. And this time (what a relief) it's made with potatoes.

So what gives this snack its Eat Well healthiness factor? It's low in saturated fats. But the recipe still contains (probably plenty of) sugar and salt. And it's a complicated recipe. The Worcester sauce flavour is cobbled together with tamarind paste, cloves, ginger and garlic; the tomato seems to be tomato, and the bacon? That's vegetarian, indeed vegan, bacon.

Not a bad flavour and we quite liked it. I thought the flavour was mainly Worcester sauce... with a little added bacon. Not sure that we would try them again though.

Interesting choice of mauve for the packaging. Very unusual.

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