Sunday, 6 December 2015

Vico Saveur Steak Grillé

This little 20g bag of crinkle cut crisps came from a multi-pack I bought in France. We tried Vico's Poulet Grillé earlier this year and liked them enormously. In fact, I added them to my list of favourites.

And here we have the grilled steak flavour. Pretty good.

Nice little crinkle cut crisps with a true grilled steak flavour - and not suitable for vegetarians. The meaty crisp fans among the reluctant taste testers were impressed.

However, the back of the packet has a great example of French as she is spoken these days: une chips ondulée et craquante. Yes, une chips. Sigh. And then une saveur Steack [sic] délicieusement Grillé. Which is odd because steak is spelled steak on the front.

The serving suggestion on the front of the packet is a bit weird too. I'm not sure whether I should be scattering the crisps from above... and possibly snatching them out of the sky like a trained killer whale? Or even madder perhaps; serving them with real grilled steak?  What do you think?

Despite being a huge fan of eating meat I think I really prefer a more vegetarian flavour for my crisps, but to be honest it's hard to quibble when faced with such a well-achieved grilled steak flavour.

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