Thursday, 24 December 2015

The London Crisp Co. Sea Salt Hand Cooked Crisps

Here's an interesting little packet of crisps. Soho inspired Sea Salt it says on the back of the packet. Aside from some alliteration I can't quite think why Soho (in the centre of London) should inspire sea salt but who cares. The Chef & I try to go to Soho once a year when Stacey Kent sings at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club. But we've never had crisps there.

It also says hand cooked in the centre of London....hmmn. In fact, hand cooked in NW10. Not so very central. But let's not be over picky.

These crisps were created to be eaten in your local with a pint of beer. Sorry, make that enjoyed in London's brilliant boozers. I suppose I do have a local pub but I almost never go there, and if I did I shouldn't drink beer. But that's another story.

Nice little crisps with the skin left on. Quite a hard crunch, these crisps are thicker than some. Not a bad colour and a nice traditional sea salty taste.

Pretty good.

The packaging is fun isn't it?
The London Crisp Co crisps are made by Kolak.

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