Tuesday, 15 December 2015

M&S Garlic & Coriander Naan Chips

Garlic and coriander naan bread chips with kalonji and cumin seeds says the packaging. Call me stupid if you like; but what on earth are kalonji seeds? Well, thanks very much Mr Internet, I can now exclusively report that kalonji is another name for nigella seeds. Those little black seeds that look like poppy seed but taste like onion, black pepper and oregano.

Feeling better educated now? Don't forget that nigella has pretty blue or white flowers. I planted some in my garden but the gardener did not approve and dug the whole lot up. Very annoying.

This was another crispy snack chosen by the History Graduate taste tester; another of the new season M&S snacks inspired by a range of international cuisines. That sounds a bit pompous doesn't it? But I guess it is a new range of crispy snacks featuring tastes from all over the world.

These naan chips are supposed to be square or oblong but we were disappointed that many of them were broken. That doesn't affect the taste of course but it does kind of colour your attitude.

Quite a hard crunch, but in a good way, and what a taste! Wow!! I tell you what this crispy snack reminds me of: Boursin. That fabulously tasty garlic and herb soft cheese from France. Yum!

In fact... weirdly there was almost too much taste. But they are pretty good. And once again the packaging is a very pretty colour.

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