Monday, 21 December 2015

M&S Full on Flavour Thai Coconut Chicken

Goodness gracious. Yet another "complete dinner flavour" crisp from M&S. Thai Coconut Chicken eh? Is that a flavour we ask ourselves? Indeed, is it a suitable flavour for a crisp?

Well, for me the problem is that I really don't like coconut. So  you probably wouldn't find me sitting down to a plate of Thai coconut chicken. And I would not have chosen to buy this bag of crisps. I tried one or two and they seemed pretty coconutty. Full on coconutty perhaps?

So far as I could tell these were the usual high quality crisps from Marks & Spencer with a good golden colour and a nice crunch. But I think the reluctant taste testers wondered if this flavour would work better with a prawn cracker or poppadum style base rather than a regular potato crisp.

Unfortunately (careless I know) I didn't get hold of the packet to scan - or read - so we have to make do with a quick snap of the packet.  And more importantly I didn't get to read the list of ingredients. So I don't know what the little herby bits are. Wait.... I went and read the packet in the local branch of M&S; there are lots of spices involved as it is a Thai recipe, and the herby bits are either coriander or parsley.

Absolutely not for  me. But if you like coconut, or indeed Thai Coconut Chicken, these might be the crisps for you.

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