Friday, 6 February 2015

Zweifel Snacketti Paprika Shells

Snack mit Kartoffeln und Paprikapulver. That sounds rather fancier than Snack with potatoes and paprika powder, doesn't it?

I think I would rather describe these as paprika flavour shell-shaped potato snacks. Which means the same thing but somehow sounds better.

Strong paprika aroma, very strong paprika taste (quite hot), lots of paprika flavour dust and a massive crispy crunch that could probably win awards if there are any for sheer crunchiness. An all round crunchy paprika-fest.

Very shell-shaped with great ridges and a wonderful scoop; I should think they would work tremendously with a dip.... although the taste is very strong so you'd need to choose your dip quite carefully.

These are great crisps with a fantastic crunch. Perhaps not mad about the flavour.

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