Wednesday 4 February 2015

Too Good Snack Poppé Saveur Paprika

OK, so this exciting offering was a present from the Chef's daughter and son-in-law and purchased, so they claimed, because son-in-law was very taken with this little 25g packet being labelled "version pocket".

This bag of crisps does of course come, as is traditional, from a French motorway service station.

What about version poche? I mean, since when was pocket French for pocket?

Personally I rather like snack poppé. Not obviously a French expression but presumably meaning a popped snack. And, er, Too Good? Sorry: Too Good as a French brand name?

Yes, yes, French is going to the franglais dogs just as fast as English is going to hell in a handbasket. And how very annoying: I had always thought that going to hell in a handbasket must be from Hamlet. But no. This expression first appeared in Samuel Sewall's Diary in 1714 (according to the internet). And you don't really care about that do you?

Philistine! (sorry).

Anyhow, Too Good is obviously a healthy brand of healthy snacks in France. Made in France with Love it says on the website. But on the packet it says fabriqué au Royaume-Uni. Make your mind up. They also do roasted seaweeds!

And if you look at the right place on their website you can find an explanation of "Le popping", and some information about how this crispy snack is sans friture ni tralala huileux. (Oh boy I am really struggling with the predictive text today).

Nice aroma on opening this small packet. Nice oniony taste - the paprika doesn't shine though. Not a bad crunch from this combination of soya and potato. It also includes tapioca, and milled flax. Interesting. Just not a massively exciting taste and unfortunately it has some celery in. Which of course I try to avoid.

The packet says PPK. I wonder if this stands for Post Punk Kitchen? I really don't know.