Monday, 23 February 2015

Mr Trotter's Proper Potato Crisps

Look at these posh crisps! Noble friend went out to lunch at Harvey Nichols (lucky her) and promised me she'd take a look in the food department. Which she did and brought these back for me and the reluctant taste testers to try.

Well, quite apart from anything else, the packet design is just fabulous. Although I can't help feeling the smartly dressed pig (presumably Mr Trotter himself) doesn't exactly encourage vegetarians: these crisps are approved by the Vegetarian Society.

It looks as though Mr Trotter started out making pork scratchings but has moved on to crisps and beer (chestnut beer) and even T-shirts. The website tells you all about the pork scratching aficionados (see Four Little Piggies) who started the company, and you can order online too.

We rather liked these crisps. Darker than your average crisps, with the skin left on for added - sorry - fuller flavour, each crisp is fried by hand in rapeseed oil before Mr Trotter's original seasoning is added for extra oomph.

Yes. Interestingly the flavour is not defined. It's simply Mr Trotter's original seasoning. And it is certainly tasty. Mmmn.... salty, yeasty, umami. Nice. Not a great aroma (some crisps don't) - but a very good crunch.

The bowlful at the office did not last long.

I think I may have spotted a packet at Fortnums when I was buying something else. Very posh.

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