Sunday, 1 February 2015

Zweifel Snacketti Ketchup Fries Flavour

Another triumph from Swiss crisp giant Zweifel. I find I sometimes like their Snacketti crispy snacks, and sometimes I don't so much. But these are really good.

This is another extruded potato snack, and has a smart square shape with a hole down the centre. You can just see all the way through. It's quite a lot like the very nice ketchup flavour Bulgarian snacks Kubetti I tried recently: only I think better.

And they have a  load of lovely dark red ketchup flavour yumminess all over them. I thought the red was a bit much when I opened the bag but it was, in fact, just right. Just right and fabulous. Delicious smell when you open the bag too.

The reluctant taste testers really enjoyed these. Techie tester was particularly impressed, and he's a big fan of tomato flavour crispy snacks. Two bowlsful were snacked down in no time at all which meant I didn't get very many. Probably just as well I can see it would be easy to nosh down the entire packet. It's always better for my diet when everyone likes the crisp offering.

Imagine the best ever sausage inna bun you ever had, all sloshed over with the best ketchup. Only with a great crunch. Imagine a bag of Snacketti Ketchup Fries.

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