Monday, 2 February 2015

Belin Croustilles Gout Emmental

Here's a truly cheesy crunchy maize-based snack imported from a French motorway service station by the Chef. And very nice too. And did I mention extremely cheesy?

You know how often you try a cheesy snack only to find it tastes of some fantasy cheese that would be spurned by any self-respecting cheese waiter? Especially a cheese waiter in a swanky French restaurant. Trust me, cheese waiters have a sneer that would quell the grandest of wine waiters.

Not these crunchy sticks of crispiness. You can taste the dairy. There's definitely some genuine cheese happening here even if it's only 2.9% Emmental. Although I have to confess that noble friend found it more Dairy Lea than dairy.

However, most of the reluctant taste testers liked these a lot and there were none left over. Always a good sign.

Berlin appears (from the packet) to be owned by Mondelez International but I couldn't find any mention of Belin on their website which features brands like Cadbury and Toblerone. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right place. I must say I'm not terribly impressed: so many crispy snacks nowadays have quirky little websites designed to draw you in and tell you all about the other flavours you haven't discovered yet. Which I like a lot.

There is a Facebook page for this crispy snack.... but I'm not impressed by that either. Indeed, I see there are two Facebook pages: Croustilles de Belin (326 likes) and then Apéro Belin which is advertised on the packet and scarcely exists at all. No likes. No photos at all. It's very odd.

However, I did like the cheesy taste and soft crunch of these Croustilles. Very nice.

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