Saturday, 28 February 2015

M&S Reduced Fat Lightly Salted Crisps

Noble friend bought s multi-pack of these reduced fat crisps for her crunch at lunch and gave me one of the 25g packets to try. "They're really good," she said, "you can't tell they're reduced fat". And I think she's right.

I'm always suspicious of reduced fat foods. They frequently taste more greasy than full fat foods, and if you aren't careful you find they are full of sugar.

But these crinkle cut crisps seem to be made of potatoes, sunflower oil and salt. So no sugar. And the sunflower oil is a special kind called Sun Kernel which contains 30% less total fat and "at least 30% less saturated fat" than typical crinkle cut crisps. Hmmn..... typical crinkle cut crisps eh? I wonder what that would be?

Anyway, someone seems to have gone to quite a lot of trouble to make these crisps a lower fat option. Someone in Denmark I suppose; because that's where they are made.

Very nice crinkle cut crisps, good crunch, pretty good levels of saltiness and generally tasty. We approve.


  1. I have tried these and occasionally they make a change. You can't tell they are reduced fat, but you know there is something not quite right about them. I can't remember - have you done a review of Seabrookes Crinkle Crisps yet?

    1. Yes! Haven't you noticed? They're on my very favourite crispy snack list (see right). We found some at the service station on the way to Dover but never been seen again.


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