Thursday, 12 February 2015

Ten Acre Hand Cooked Crisps How Chicken Soup Saved the Day

So the tall taste tester was in the Market Place the other day and dropped by the local bakery to see what he could see. And what he could see was not the other side of the mountain (sadly we don't have any mountains because this is North London and we only have hills), but a whole range of crisps he had never heard of before and neither had I. I rushed round the next day and stocked up. And here's one.

Parev (suitable for people who keep kosher), HFA approved (suitable for moslems) and vegan (so suitable for both vegans and vegetarians). Gluten free and MSG free. My goodness, what more could you ask? Except this is a chicken soup flavour so sadly no chicken.

Ten Acre Crisps are hand cooked with love, and packed with crunch says the packaging. I must say that they do look hand cooked.

Made in Manchester by Yumsh Snacks Ltd. And with a rather fabulous and slightly crazy website; it's worth checking this out even if you never looked at any other crispy website (some of them are more fun than you might suppose).

Fine cut crisps, a light golden colour and a light crunch, lots of flavour dust. And the taste? Well, to be honest, not terribly chickeny. It reminds me a little of some instant chicken noodles I used to buy (vastly superior to those that come in a pot but still pretty instant) and enjoy some years ago.

Well, I guess the flavour is chicken soup and not chicken. And I do find them quite tasty. Just not quite what I was expecting.

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