Thursday, 5 February 2015

Bénénuts 3D's Bugles Goût Fromage

Another thoughtful present from the Chef's kind daughter and son-in-law. From a French motorway service station. Again. Of course. They have great shops and you never know what you're going to find.

Bugle-shaped (so genuinely 3D). Tasting a bit cheesy. From France.

Nice cheesy aroma on opening the packet. Nice crunch, and a pleasant light cheesy (not a recognisable cheese obviously) taste. The shape works really well and the crunch is very good.

But here's weird: the aftertaste is sort of mushroomy. Which is a bit strange. And it wasn't just me. Several of the reluctant taste testers reported that they felt just as I did. Which, well, is a bit odd.

And you can kind of tell from what I have written already: this maize-based crispy snack is nice. Nice, but nothing fantastic. Although the shape and crunch do work well.

Bénénuts is owned by Pepsico France. But then they own so much.

And while I am writing about crisps (because, you know, that's something I hardly ever do) here's a link to something fun I picked up on recently. Star Wars crisps. Yes, you read that right: STAR WARS CRISPS. If you are a Star Wars fan click on the link.

Sadly these crisps aren't real. At least, I doubt they are. My goodness: if you ever see a packet I shall be staggered and expect you to send me a sample!

These faux crisps have been around for a while but I thought I would draw them to your attention in case you might be interested. A fun idea. And why hasn't a major crisp manufacturer picked up on this and pitched it to Lucas Films?

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