Sunday 22 February 2015

Pipers Crisp Co. Anglsey Sea Salt


Just lovely crisps. Yum!!

Nothing fancy when you open the packet; the aroma is nothing to write home about... but... then I took a bite.

What a fantastic taste. Very simple salt and fried potato. Nothing more. Delicious. Great crunch too. And together you get a wonderful crisp. What could be simpler and better than that?

You really don't need anything more than. Just a terrific taste and a great crunch. 10/10.

And I like the simple 40g blue packet too. It tells me that Anglesey Sea Salt is harvested each day from the Menai Strait and is Britain's only Protected Designation of Origin sea salt. What can I say? It's certainly very salty tasting salt.

I found a bag of Pipers Spicy Tomato crisps at Luton Airport a while ago. In fact it was March last year. How time flies.

Anyway, I think it might have been at Benugo (where I had a very tasty toasted bacon sandwich), because I found this bag at Benugo in the Great Court at the British Museum. Where I shared another tasty toasted sandwich with Noble Friend after taking in the amazing Assyrian sculptures.

And here's my new table lamp because I promised Betsy.


  1. Yum on the chips (crisps!) and smart packaging, too. I'm usually drawn to nice packaging, so that's a plus for me.

    Love the lamp...what a cool one! And you can change it up whenever the whim hits you. The coffee pot is just gorgeous, too and looks nice with the shade! What a find!

  2. Yes truly great crisps. And the lamp is wonderful. Thanks to John Lewis lighting department. Funny you should mention the shade: I bought that first.
    My mother lived in Berlin in the 1950s and bought this pretty coffee set then. If it isn't Meissen then it's meant to be. Such a shame I hardly drink coffee.