Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Belin Croustilles Cacahuète

Another fabulous crispy snack from French company Belin owned by Kraft Foods France (says the packet). But the Belin Croustilles Gout Emmental seemed to be owned by Mondelez International and no mention of Kraft Foods at all. Oh the weird and wonderful world of crispy snacks.

This packet I found at the local Budgens. Amazing. Well done Budgens. What a thrill.

So this maize-based crispy snack is sort of twig shaped. Sort of like Twiglets, sort of like Nik Naks. Sort of not.

It's got a pleasant softish bite and this flavour tastes (of course) of peanuts. Not at all sweet and only a little bit salty, peanut flavour Croustilles are rather good.

The reluctant taste testers liked these a lot. The bowl I set out in the kitchen didn't last any time at all. One of the pickier testers thought it a "grown up" taste.

A nice soft crunch and a great big peanut taste. What's more to say? It wasn't quite what we expected but we liked them a lot.

According to the packet there's a goat's cheese version. That would be fun to try.

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