Sunday 1 March 2015

Pipers Crisp Co Lye Cross Cheddar & Onion

Another tremendous crisp from top British crispeteers Pipers. And another packet of crisps found at the British Museum branch of Benugo.

What is it that distinguishes a nice crisp, or even a very nice crisp from a great one?

A certainty about the crunch perhaps. A good aroma (some crisps that taste good don't smell good). A top quality taste. And a good colour.

These crisps have a lovely dark golden colour, lots of lovely cheddary flavour dust with a light touch of onion, and a high quality crunch. Not a lot more to say perhaps.

The Chef and I have tried many different versions of cheese and onion and we really approve of these. The onion is a delicate addition to the superb cheddar cheese and we think these crisps could hardly be bettered. We liked them a lot.

Tasty cheddar from Lye Cross Farm at the foot of the Mendip Hills near the village of Cheddar probably could not be beaten as a source of tasty cheese. And great golden yellow packaging too. Yup, we definitely approve. Really, you can't do much better.

There are more Pipers flavours to try and I can't wait to find them.

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