Wednesday 18 March 2015

Frutos Secos Chips a la Flor de Sal de Ibiza

There's a very odd thing that some packets of crisps do when subjected to sudden changes of pressure or temperature. The pressure is more obvious - just try packing a bag of crisps in your case when you fly home from Greece. Has all the air been sucked out and the crisps turned to crumbs? It can happen. Or maybe the bag has swollen up like a football? I try to pack my crisps in Ziploc bags and suck out as much air as possible before travelling, but it doesn't always work.

Plus sometimes you really aren't expecting this weirdness. We bought this perfectly ordinary bag of crisps at Globus in Bern where they have a very nice food department in the basement. This bag felt just like any old bag but then we came home through the Lötschberg Tunnel. I don't know if it was the pressure or the heat (it certainly was a very hot and crowded train) but by the time we got home we had a little football. Full to bursting with air. I stabbed it with a sharp knife before snipping open the top.

Aside from this oddness with the packaging (which is a handsome eau de nil and gold), this is a very nice crisp indeed. Lovely crispy aroma, great big crisps with some nice bubbles from the frying, good colour and a fabulous salty yumminess. I can hear the Chef crunching away behind me. What could be better? Flor de Sal de Ibiza is obviously top quality salt. Very very tasty.

Made of potatoes, sunflower oil, flor de sel and sea salt, and lots of love. OK! Truly Cristal de la Vida (it says here).

I think these crisps qualify as superb, and the Chef (not quite so given to superlatives) thinks they are very nice.

The packaging seems familiar and I'm wondering if I've seen them in London - Fortnums perhaps - when I was looking for something else.


  1. How funny that they poof up like that! They sure look yummy! And I love the package!

    1. You mean the packet? Yes isn't it odd? I haven't worked out why some bags of crisps do this.
      Really delicious crisps and isn't the packaging pretty?