Thursday, 5 March 2015

Market Deli Pita Chips Roasted Garlic with Mediterranean Herbs

I've tried pita chips before and found them rather hard. And I find these rather hard too. So perhaps pita chips are not for me.

I also find that pita chips break rather easily so quite ¾ of the packet is made up of broken chips. You notice more than in a packet of ordinary crisps because pita chips are supposed to be square. Squarish. Which mostly they aren't.

If this is a regular feature of pita chips (I've only tried 2 packets) it's rather disappointing.

The aroma is definitely Mediterranean herbs (so far so good), the tasted is more roasted garlic but once you've eaten all the flavour dust the basic taste is kind of dull; you get right back to basic pita chip.

The taste is OK but I'm not that impressed.

Walkers tell us their Market Deli crisps and pita chips are made with the finest ingredients. Real ingredients for an authentic taste. Hmmn. I'm not really convinced here.

Maybe they would be better when dipped in a spicy salsa and shared with friends (as recommended on the back of the packet).


  1. Ive never really been a pita chop fan either!

    1. I just don't get why you'd abandon the wonders of potato crisps for pita


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