Friday, 20 March 2015

San Nicasio Extra Virgin Potato Chips con Sal Rosa del Himalaya

These crisps from Cordoba say they are extra virgin potato chips (selected potatoes, extra virgin olive oil and salt) and the salt.... is Himalayan pink salt (a gastronomic treasure).

Yes, well it may be a treasure but the enormous disappointment is that you cannot see the pink salt.

Call me stupid if you will but I was honestly expecting to see the crisps strewn with teeny weeny pale pink salt crystals. Why not dark pink I can't tell you (maybe that didn't seem a realistic prospect), but to see no pink crystals at all is very disappointing.

The crisps are quite fine cut, with not a bad crunch. They look good, some of the crisps are very big,  and have quite a nice lightly salted taste.

Seriously though, would I have bought these Spanish crisps had I not been seduced (in the Bern branch of Globus) by the lure of pink salt? Maybe, maybe not but basically what we have here is a packet  of salted crisps. It's a very nice packet of (slightly lightly) salted crisps. But nothing very fancy.

Himalayan Pink Salt comes from Pakistan and takes its colour from iron oxide but is not really pink at all. It's kind of orangey brown (by the look of the picture online).

Terrifically swanky pink and silver packaging though. Extremely smart, although put together slightly on the skew.

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