Saturday 14 March 2015

Walkers Pops Melted Cheese & Crispy Bacon

New. Air popped. Full on taste. 50% less fat.

This little 23g packet (less than 1oz) is marketed as a low fat option for your crunch at lunch.

I'm really not sure about this crispy snack. The taste is a bit weird. Obviously I picked them up because I'd not tried them before but I was dubious I must confess. And I think I was right to be dubious.

The aroma doesn't inspire me at all. Basically it's completely fake bacon that wafts out of the packet. The taste is more cheesy (ish) but what would make it melted cheese I can't guess. And after you get past the orange flavour dust what do you get? A harder crunch than I was expecting, and a taste of Rice Crispies. A bit odd.

Sorry Walkers, I'm not impressed. And I'm not going to finish even this tiny packet.

Not wild about the brown and red packaging either. And I'm certain I've seen this particular little guy throwing his rubbish away responsibly before. What a shame these Pops don't get a new design.

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