Friday, 13 March 2015

Pipers Crisp Co. Burrow Hill Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt

An absolutely superb crisp. I'm going to add these to my all-time favourites list. Always provided I can remember how.

At first sight these crisps from UK crispeteers Pipers are nothing to write home about: just normal crisps.

But the aroma is wonderfully crispy, the crunch is amazingly crunchy, and the taste is just divine. I do not think this flavour could be bettered. It is so much more fabulous than your average salt & vinegar crisp than you can possibly imagine. Run out and buy a packet now.

Even the Chef who doesn't like salt & vinegar as a flavour  was (relatively) enthusiastic. There really is no more to say.

A triumph of crisp engineering.

And the lovely green packet is a lovely green although not so bright as this scan would have you believe. More a soft 1940s green. What more could you want? Well, just one tiny thing; I've only ever seen Pipers crisps on sale at branches of Benugo. It means I have to make quite a trek (oh alright then - a short trip on the Northern Line) to buy them. But these are so wonderful I think it might be worth the effort.

I found this packet at Luton airport where Benugo also sold me a delicious toasted sausage inna bun with tomato sauce. Yum! What better way to prepare before taking an Easyjet flight to Geneva? (I'm so jet set.)

And thinking of sausage inna bun I can't help but think of Mr Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler of Ankh Morpork and his ghastly offerings created by the late lamented Sir Terry Pratchett. R.I.P. Terry and many thanks for hours and hours of entertainment and lots of laughing out loud.

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