Sunday, 15 March 2015

Boxerchips Salty Malty Vinegar

It seems a little harsh to try these salt and vinegar crisps so soon after the wonderful version by Pipers Crisp Co which we tried the other day, but every crispy snack must stand on its own merits.

Boxerchips say the fact - best damn potato chips in the world; the fiction - our crisps are a made from Farmers' Hats. Which, let's be honest, is a slightly strange thing to say. But they say other strange things on their website which also tells you all sorts of things about Boxerchips that you may find amusing, and there's "ye olde blog" disguised as latest news. You can even find out about spud juggling. In New Zealand of all places!

Anyway, back to the crisps. Which I bought on my Easyjet flight to Geneva. Still not seen them anywhere else, but perhaps I have had such ready access to other exciting crisps that I haven't really looked.

Quite nice. Good colour, quite a hard crunch, not too harsh a taste of vinegar (which we know can be a problem) and good and salty. But these crisps are a bit sweet. Not sugary but mysteriously remaining me of golden syrup. Could this be an "oh, so it's only me then" moment?

Remember, these are the crisps that come in a strange oblong cardboard box which you open up to get at the crisps. I had a lot of difficulty last year battling my way into the packet but maybe that packaging was defective. At any rate, this time it was quite easy to open the box and create a little cardboard serving dish from which to carry out my taste testing.

I think I liked the Boxerchips Savagely Salted better though.
Update on Boxerchips: by chance we went to Globus in Bern which is a large department store with a great food section in the basement. And guess what? They sell Boxerchips. Well, they do in March 2015. I was busy buying crisps I'd not seen before so I didn't look too carefully, but in case you are looking for Boxerchips you could try here. Quite close to the main railway station. Probably hard to miss this huge store.


  1. hi georgina! thanks for stopping at my site and leaving a comment. blogger has changed their word verification settings to be the click box type - but its only applicable to non-blogger/google users (like typepad or wordpress). blogger users can skip that 'confirm you're not an alien' thing. :)

  2. I had some of these (or it may have been the salted ones), also on an EasyJet flight. I enjoyed them so much I have tried to find them on the surface of the earth but never succeeded. Also I often find that normal crisp packets swell up in the pressurised cabins and threaten some kind of crisp explosion. The little boxes seem to avoid this.

    1. As ever you anticipate me Alan. See my update on Boxerchips, plus my upcoming post on the rather fabulous Cristal de la Vida Chips a la Flor de Sal de Ibiza. x


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