Saturday, 21 March 2015

ROKA Cheese Sticks Poppy & Sesame Seeds

This is another cheesy snack sent to me by those lovely people at ROKA in the Netherlands.

Perhaps not an ideal crispy snack for 9 o'clock on a Thursday morning, but nonetheless several of the reluctant taste testers tucked in quite quickly and the whole packet was finished by lunchtime.

We liked the lovely light texture of the cheese sticks. We like the choice of poppy seed and sesame seed, and the quite distinct flavours. I liked the way the seeds didn't drop off all over the place. We liked them a lot (apart from the extremely picky taste tester who said she detected an aftertaste of washing up liquid - but everyone else was astonished at this weird opinion and didn't pay any attention).

And the senior taste tester and I decided that we would really like to try them again with a glass of fine dry sherry. Or similar.

I must say I'm not sure I would have bought them on purpose as I'm not usually mad for sesame seeds. That's probably why we haven't tried this box of Cheese Sticks sooner. But I would have been quite wrong (as so often) because the sesame seeds seemed to work even better than the poppy seeds with the deliciously mild Gouda cheese sticks.
Pretty good. Yes, please; I'll have another. What do you mean we ate them all?

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