Saturday, 10 January 2015

Kubeti Mega Stix Ketchup Flavour

I had to go to the local sorting office this morning to pick up a parcel too big to fit through the letterbox (three books), so I went a little further, to East Finchley, to pick up a newspaper and a loaf of bread from Budgens. And, oh joy! It turns out that Budgens sells an exotic and different selection of crispy snacks and I found a couple I had never heard of before. And fancy that; I couldn't resist buying one or two. Or maybe five.

So here we have Kubeti Mega Stix. These square tubes are about 50mm long and made so you can actually see through them. They had two flavours but I got the ketchup because I thought it might be more fun.

And they are rather good. There's a slight smell of ketchup when you open the bag, and a slight taste of ketchup, but mostly they taste of frying. In a good way. A good golden yellow with a spattering of dark orange; I expect that's the ketchup flavour dust. Nice crunchy texture.

Of course these are not crisps. These are made from extruded potato starch and all sorts of things like disodium gaunylate (what is that? I probably don't really want to know) and obviously we know that's a bad thing. But there is no denying that this is very tasty snack and if I'm not careful I will eat the whole bag on my own. Well, the Chef is in another country so there's only me here.

I couldn't find out much about Kubeti from the website which seems to be under construction and a bit clunky. There are going to be games so I suppose this crispy snack is aimed at teenagers. The packaging does say POTATO + GAME = STIX.

But guess what? This snack comes from Bulgaria! Although it is, somewhat confusingly, produced by a company called Ital Food Industry S.A. So initially I thought Italy.

Since when did Bulgaria have a crispy snack industry? Well, what do I know? Why shouldn't Kubeti export crispy snacks to all the exciting places listed on the back of the packet: Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldavia, Georgia, Armenia, Albania, Croatia, Czech Republic, and Repulika Srpska? This makes me feel a little bit old. Some of these countries weren't even invented when I was at school, and don't feature on my atlas. Armenia and Georgia have very exciting alphabets too. It's always fun reading the ingredients in 12 different languages although the different alphabets do make it more complicated. Luckily Kubeti also exports to the UK so I can read the ingredients in English if I want.

I like these. And will definitely go back for the cheese flavour Stix at some stage.


  1. As always, I am astounded by your ability to search out even more and more exotic crispy snacks. I really do think it is time you gathered them all together in book form. (and no. I am not joking)

  2. I am seriously thinking about it but websites offering an easy semi-automatic way of doing this all seem to cause my computer problems. Or they refuse to allow you to edit. Or something. Maybe one day.


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