Monday, 26 January 2015

KP Snacks Nik Naks Nice'n'Spicy

Weirdly perhaps I've never tried Nik Naks before. I didn't mention this to the newest of the taste testers as I think he was thrilled to see a blast from his past on offer.

I have seen Nik Naks of course. But so often them come in a multi pack and I really hate to buy something for the first time if I can only get 10 at once.

So anyway, guess what? Yes the local Budgens has again come to my rescue and sells 50g "grab bags" of Nik Naks.

And? And, although obviously one of those crispy snacks aimed at small boys, these are really great and the nice'n'spicy flavour is inspired.

Basically; yum. What have we got? Onion, curry powder, spice and spice extracts (yes, but which spices?), garlic, sugar,  soy sauce, and the ever popular natural flavourings. So what have we got? Not sure but it certainly tastes good.

Even the empty bag (orange and red with cartoon explosions of taste) has a generous spicy aroma.

Nik Naks (it says here): knobbly, wacky sticks of corn. Intensely tasty, unusually knobbly.
No artificial colours or flavours (although we don't really know what the flavours are dammit), no MSG, and made with 100% sunflower oil.

Definitely worth a try. Now. Can I find small bags of their other flavours?

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