Saturday, 3 January 2015

Lay's Saveur Barbecue

Here's another crisp found in a French motorway service station. And it's another barbecue or BBQ flavour crisp. And yes, because it's another barbecue flavour I've put off trying this packet.

Perhaps because it's a French idea of barbecue it simply tastes rather sweet rather than horribly of smoke which I really don't like and cannot understand. Who wants that? Well, obviously not me, but apparently a lot of other people.

We found these crisps toujours aussi savoureuses in a nice small 45g bag. Quite a fine crisp with a light crunch and a warm orange colour (extract of paprika) with a lot of little dark red speckles. The crisps are made without palm oil, and with no artificial colours or preservatives.

Lay's: des chips au goût exceptionnel! says the packaging. Well, perhaps not my most favourite crisps but not bad. There's not really a whole lot to say.

It's a bit of a mystery though how come Lay's describe this combination of onion, garlic, paprika and tomato (along with base aromisante barbecue and arômes de fumée) as barbecue flavour. I can only suppose that barbecued food in France tastes rather different from in the UK. Mmmn... maybe they were aiming for barbecued tomatoes?

I think we'll leave it at not bad. I wonder if barbecue flavour crisps always come in a black packet in France?

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