Sunday, 25 January 2015

M&S Guilt Free Snacking Cracked Black Pepper & Salt Popped Chips

Noble friend at work who tries hard to eat a healthier snack for her crunch at lunch tried these popped crisps. And she really didn't like them at all. So like the generous person she is, she brought them in to work for me and the reluctant taste testers to try.

And frankly, we were baffled. These are really nice. What's not to like?

Nice texture. Made of potato flakes and extruded into the correct circular shape (so not your usual slice of potato), and flavoured with salt and pepper.

Nothing fancy, nothing fabulous or strange, just a really great taste of salt and pepper. Quite a big taste of pepper but I honestly thought these were really good.

Small 23g bag containing 95 calories of crispy snack. And a very smart dark grey packet with black trim. I think well done Marks & Spencer.

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