Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Brannigans Proper Thick Cut Crisps Roast Beef & Mustard

And here's a little 40g packet of Brannigans thick cut crisps from Budgens in East Finchley.

I suppose I must have seen Brannigans crisps before but perhaps they were always in large bags which as you know I hesitate to buy. And I'm glad I didn't find a bigger bag because I wasn't mad for these crisps.

However, quite a number of the taste testers liked them a lot.

The problem for me is that I couldn't taste much on the roast beef front... and I don't like mustard. And the mustard part of this crisp flavour is very much to the fore. But, you know, as I said, some of the taste testers were very pleased and admit to liking mustard a lot. So the contents of this small bag didn't hang around for long.

The crisps are quite thick cut (as advertised), with quite a lot of flavour dust, but rather pale in colour. Nice crunch. And the aroma from the bag is more beefy than the actual taste. And yet, there is no actual beef. Probably. The bag doesn't say they are suitable for vegetarians but as the flavour seems to be compounded from milk, mustard and yeast extract I can't see what meat might be involved. Unless it's in the "flavourings" of course.

Brannigans crisps are made by KP Snacks.

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