Friday, 26 December 2014

Brown Bag Crisps Lightly Salted

I've not seen these crisps from Brown Bag Crisps in Surrey for sale anywhere. I'm sure I'd have noticed the lovely plain packaging. Anyway, they came in a John Lewis Christmas hamper and I won them in the work raffle. Yes, really. I didn't have to go swapsies with anyone.

So. Natural & Delicious says the packaging. And indeed the ingredients are potatoes, sunflower oil and salt. Only. Suitable for vegetarians, gluten free and lactose free. About as natural as you can get on the crisp front. Which after all isn't very natural; there are no pans of boiling hot oil in nature even for cooking crisps in small batches.

But delicious? These are lovely crisps (shown here in my new Emma Bridgewater bowl); fine cut with a great crunch and beautifully cooked. But not enough salt for me. Yes, I know the flavour is Lightly Salted but this healthy option isn't quite tasty enough for me. You all know I love my salt.

So I tried them with my favourite sour cream and chive dip (only allowed on high days and holidays because it is so incredibly moreish) and they work brilliantly. Very very good indeed.

Other flavours (that I haven't seen) include Oak Smoked Chilli, Smoked Bacon and West Country Farmhouse Cheddar & Onion. I bet they're good.

Well done Phil & Viv from Brown Bag Crisps.

And because it's Christmas here's a photo of my lovely new earrings; the greeny brown cut stone baubles. Also dangling from the little fence on my bathroom shelf: amethyst and peridot drops from Australia, Redwood leaves and cones by Michael Michaud and a swirly Murano glass drop from Venice. If anyone ever asked what my style signifier is I should probably have to say dangly earrings.


  1. Yummy chips....I'm sure they are addictive!
    And I love your earrings...every pair! I have a weakness for Murano glass.

  2. You don't hang around do you Betsy? Yes, Murano glass is lovely. It's a shame I've never found another pair of earrings like these swirly ones.

    1. I love your fence for your dangles. :) A smart way to display them and they don't get all jumbled up like mine do!


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