Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Jackpots Mature English Cheddar and Spring Onion

I've not tried Jackpots crisps before and I'm really rather impressed.

I picked them up at Tesco when I went to look for Christmas specials. And because the clever Mr Tesco had hidden his Christmas crisps in the Christmas aisle next to the chocolate reindeer etc, I paid extra attention to the usual crisp aisle. And found these.

And very good they are.

Initial aroma of crisp. Funny how so many potato crisps just smell of crisp even when the taste is really fancy. And I did wonder if I'd made the right choice with the mature English cheddar flavour. Spring onion can be quite harsh. But no. It's a lovely gentle taste. Cheesy and oniony but not too strong. Very nice. A little bit of onion after-taste but that's what you expect from a real spring onion after all.

Pretty crisps too; the skin has been left on. In some crisps this can look clunky or even grubby but it works well here. A variable crunch. Sometimes quite hard, sometimes not so much. But generally a rather good crisp.

The reluctant taste testers at work liked them too.

Jackpots crisps advertise themselves as a truly British company based in East Anglia. Apparently the family has three generations of experience when it comes to growing potatoes. But I suspect the potato venture is quite recent as they only have 5 flavours on offer. Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free.

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