Thursday, 11 December 2014

Burton's Daily Fish'n'Chips Salt & Vinegar

You know what? As a non fish eater I was very nearly put off buying these little fish- and chip-shaped biscuits because they are so carefully branded to look like fish and chips. When I tell people I don't eat fish they weirdly all suppose I must be vegetarian. But no.  I just don't like the taste. So I'm not attracted to fish style products.

However, I thought I'd be brave and try these little baked biscuits. And what a good thing because I think they are terrific. Absolutely delicious.

What you get is a bag full of little fish-shaped biscuits (with a little smiling face) and little chip-shaped biscuits (albeit a bit curved which is perhaps unusual in the average chip). And an amazing gentle but very yummy salt & vinegar flavour.

We all know that salt & vinegar can be very harsh but not in this case. I was really impressed. The Chef isn't a mad keen fan of salt & vinegar but he still thinks the biscuit part of these is very good indeed. The reluctant taste testers at work were very happy to eat quite a lot of these: one of them enthusiastically announced he would be searching for them to eat in the privacy of his own home.

And you get quite a lot in a bag because each biscuit it so small. So you end up eating more than you thought. Of course. Of course because each biscuit is so small, but more importantly of course because the biscuits are so good. Really, quite remarkably good biscuits with a lovely light crunch and not at all dry.

I think it's a 10/10.

The bag features a number of quite terrible puns and dreadful jokes. Somebody at Burton's Biscuits has put quite a lot of work into it. The brand was apparently well-known in the 1980s but cancelled in the early 90s. Here they are back again and what a good thing that is.

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