Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Zetov Super Snacks Wavers Wheat Snack Wild Onion

Hmm.... wild onion eh? And a wheat snack.

This square crispy snack reminds me of Shreddies breakfast cereal. You don't get the same checkerboard effect, more of a sort of corduroy stripe, and they are kind of wavy which Shreddies are not, but nonetheless, I did get quite a Shreddie vibe.

They taste, to me at any rate, of falafel. Onion flavoured falafel. Quite nice. But the bite is very dull which is not ideal. OK, but not super exciting and the reluctant taste testers didn't finish this little 40g bag.

Super Snacks, it says on the packaging, often imitated, never duplicated. A yummy treat that's good to eat. Yes well.

Made in Israel for a company based in Brooklyn, NY.

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