Tuesday, 10 January 2017

M&S Christmas Belgian Dark Chocolate & Ginger Popcorn

A belated Happy New Year crispy snack fans.

I've not been so well since the New Year so didn't feel up to much snacking. But luckily I am up and about again and was at work today when Noble Friend came back from Marks & Spencer in triumph with this packet of Belgian dark chocolate and ginger popcorn.

Now, I am not crazy for ginger. I don't even much care for ginger nuts and certainly don't want any truck with crystallised ginger. Ugh. So imagine my surprise when I tried Noble Friend's discovery, and found it rather good.

The label tells me that the popcorn is coated in toffee with ginger, and then hand drizzled with the chocolate. It's a very nice mixture. Most of the reluctant taste testers were happy to graze gently and even the highly discerning Architectural taste tester was pleased to approve. Interestingly though, Slightly Red Haired Bristolian told me she wasn't mad keen; even though she loves ginger. It just goes to show that you cannot predict how anyone will react.

The packaging is a simple plastic bag with only a little card tag to identify the product. But of course the clear plastic allows the pretty popcorn with its drizzle of dark chocolate to shine through.

Tastier than I was expecting, quite nicely popped corn too, and probably not available for very much longer as it it part of the Christmas 2016 range.

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