Friday, 13 January 2017

Badatz Paskesz Nosh.kes Grill Rings

Another tiny little packet of kosher snacks from Israel. And this time the grippingly exciting flavour is "grill". Grill? Yup.

I really have no idea what sort of a flavour grill is supposed to be but I'm guessing it's a variant on barbecue. Or BBQ. However you spell it, these little tubular crispy snacks are a gentler milder version of the barbecue flavour so beloved by the Israeli snack industry. And also, I suppose, by Israeli snack fans.

The ingredients list isof  no assistance. Apparently the flavour is made from the ever popular (and completely opaque) "flavourings". Helpful eh?

Not a bad little crispy snack. Finer and more fragile than Hula Hoops or Wheat Crunchies or even Cofresh Potato Hoops, these little crispy tubes do suffer quite a lot of breakages before you open the packet. But somehow it doesn't seem to matter too much.

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