Saturday, 14 January 2017

Manomasa Limited Edition Cinnamon & Muscavado Sugar

This packet of unusual crisps was a generous donation from Tall Elegant taste tester.

Not actually a crisp; more of a circular tortilla made with finest white masa, this really is a pretty unusual snack.  The flavour is made from cacao nibs (Tall taste tester asked if they were embedded with chocolate chips and it does look like it), maple sugar and cloves in addition to the advertised Muscavado sugar and cinnamon. Oh, and buttermilk.

Weirdly these tortillas are not particularly sweet. Not particularly cinnamony either. What particularly struck me was the texture. The bite is a bit dull and then as you crunch through you are left with a mouthful of kind of gritty flour. Not ideal.

Tall taste tester said "this is just wrong!" after his first bite, and then ate several more tortillas. Slightly Red Haired Bristolian said "they aren't exactly horrible", damning them with extremely faint praise. Sadly nobody told me they liked them. But I noticed that a large bowlful was very nearly finished. Not an enthusiastic response but somebody, probably more than one somebody, was eating them. So, no, not exactly horrible.

Extra weird (could it get weirder?) the packet suggests that these tortillas might best be enjoyed dipped into melted dark chocolate. And thinly sliced strawberries should be added for a little slither of heaven. Well! Not what you expect from what looks like a packet of crisps.

 "Not salty enough" complained Tall taste tester. And therein lies the rub. The reluctant taste testers have tried 700 different crisps and crispy snacks over the last three and a half years, but even they were not prepared for what the lovely people at Monomasa call Recipe No: 31.

Obviously we have tried other crispy snacks we were not prepared for, like Lay's Cappuccino for example (seriously weird), but this Cinnamon & Muscavado Sugar tortilla is what we are considering today.

I guess that a lot of people will buy a new or limited edition packet of crisps (or tortillas) out of curiosity. The question here is will they buy it again? In this case I'm not sure. But don't take my word for it. If you spot a packet give them a try and prove me wrong.

Fabulous packaging design though. I really love it.

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