Thursday 12 January 2017

Kettle Chips Chef's Signature Gressingham Duck Plum Sauce & Spring Onion

A couple of months ago I was reading an article about weird flavours of crisps, and it mentioned these. At the time I was rather sorry I had never seen them. but guess what (you've probably worked this out for yourself already); here they are.

The packet is a very swanky purple and (and I asked Dutch taste tester if she agreed) the wooden chopping board shown does actually feel faintly wooden. Amazing attention to detail or what? And the duck, spring onion and plum sauce on the chopping board are a different very glossy texture.
Yes it's a Chinese meal in a packet of crisps. Albeit without the pancakes.

We had mixed opinions on this crisp. Tall Elegant taste tester doesn't like spring onions, so they definitely weren't for her, and I confess I thought they were much too spring oniony. With a strong spring onion style aftertaste. However, Tall taste tester was very keen indeed and asked to take the leftovers home with him.

Not a bad crisp with a good crunch but in my opinion any taste of duck is overpowered by the plum (quite sweet) and the spring onions. They do taste a little bit meaty but Tech taste tester, a big fan of  meaty crisps, was not able to pick the taste and wondered if it were lamb. This is a shame as Gressingham ducks are famous.
The packet has a sticky label on it so you can stick the packet shut. A good idea if you are embarking on this 150g packet on your own, and a fun design too as the sticky label is disguised as the Chef's apron. If you peel the sticky label off, the Chef is no longer wearing an apron. Nice design. But as you can see, the little guy throwing his rubbish away responsibly is just the generic design; nothing special.

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