Sunday, 15 January 2017

Golden Fluff Veggie Flutes Garden Vegetable

And yes, another little packet of crispy snacks from the local kosher deli. Actually I should say one of the local kosher delis as we have a large selection. There's a couple of Japanese delis too but I haven't yet plucked up the courage to go in!

Anyhow, these little Veggie Flutes have only 60 calories! I should hope so. This little packet contains only 14g of snack. That's half an ounce of snack for those of you not up to metric speed. Half an ounce? That's a ridiculously small packet isn't it? A little bit yes, but these little potato/wheat starch flutes are very light. Oh, and only 3g of fat.

These extruded square profile faux chips (french fries) come in three favours: garden fresh potato (slightly salted but the packet doesn't say that), tomato (the pale orange ones) and spinach (the green).

They have a slightly harder crunch than you might expect because they do look so light. And Senior taste tester told me he really didn't care for the green ones. Nor me, really. But, you know, we can't really complain too much as the green ones aren't actually nasty.

Mind you, it is a tiny packet so even if you aren't mad for the green ones you will find yourself finishing the packet anyway.

I wasn't really aware that Garden Vegetable was a crispy snack flavour until fairly recently. It isn't a traditional UK snack flavour. But we tried a Garden Vegetable snack from some people called Sensible Portions about a year ago. And no doubt I'll stumble over another packet sometime soon.

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