Friday, 27 January 2017

Ardens Twists Tomato & Basil

Tall Elegant taste tester won this packet of sort-of cheese straws in the Christmas raffle but brought them back into the office because she wasn't sure she'd like them. I don't know why. I thought they looked really tasty and was quite jealous.

But lucky for me I got to taste them anyway. And they really are rather good. Well, I thought so.

But. But take a look a the packaging design. This is a prime example of the product looking nothing at all like the pack shot. You could probably do Ardens for misrepresentation. These puff pastry twists look nothing at all like the large cheese straws shown on the packet.... maybe a little bit like. But not much.

It's hard to tell from my photograph but these twists are a lot thinner and narrower than shown on the packet. I thought it would show up better. Less beautifully twisted too. But of course that affects the flavour not at all.

This crispy snack comes in a little silver baggie inside a cardboard box. You'd think the box would protect the product but I thought there were far too many breakages. That's a shame. The photograph shows the first twists that came out of  the baggie. The second helping was a lot more broken.

As I said, I thought this crispy snack was rather good, but I'm not sure that Ardens are fully behind their product. The packet suggests their twists are stupendous with soup, lush with dips, heavenly warmed, divine at wine time, fun with friends (all ticked) or just straight out of the box. Hmnn. It almost seems they aren't quite sure we will enjoy their product.

Apparently this is a product Ardens discovered in Switzerland. I wonder if it was the Zweifel Flȗtes à l'Ancienne Fromage?

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