Friday, 30 December 2016

Yorkshire Crisps Sweet Chilli & Lime

Noble Friend won a tub of Yorkshire Crisps in the office raffle and gave them to me. Which was extremely noble of her.

So what do we have here? Luxury Hand Cooked Sweet Chilli and Lime crisps. Hmmm.... Well I'm not sure that I am convinced. Not sure the Chef is either.

The crisps are great. Lovely texture, very nice bite. But the taste... I can't really decide what it is. Not Sweet Chilli & Lime anyway. Or not that I can put my finger on. I'm not that unhappy because I really don't care for Lime as a flavour. It's a bit blue.  I don't like blue as  flavour.

But worry not because the loveliness of these crisps transcends the lack of whatever flavour they are supposed to be. And they work wonderfully well with a sour cream and chive dip I happen to have handy.

Very nice indeed. Nice tram on the packaging too. You can't go very far wrong with a tram, especially a double decker tram. The packaging tells us that this is Sheffield's last tram. And you can read about Sheffield's tramways here. Trams are great! Who can say why stupid British councils got rid of them? I'm British so I'm allowed to shout STUPID! here.

Nice crisps.

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