Sunday, 25 December 2016

Tesco Penguin Bites

Since when were penguins seasonal? By which I mean, since when were penguins the sort of creature that along with robins and reindeer feature on Christmas cards and wrapping paper?

Robins I understand of course. The Robin Redbreast is a constant feature of the British countryside, and indeed townside. Although that's not actually a word. And at this time of year with few leaves on the trees it's easy to spot all the robins that sing so loudly everywhere I go.

And reindeer. Well, who would question the festive reindeer? I have even seen festive reindeer in Sydney in the middle of an Australian heatwave. Poor things, they were even less happy than I was to be celebrating Christmas in such heat. Don't misunderstand me, I have lovely friends in Sydney but the heat and the sunshine felt all wrong to someone brought up on damp, raw, dark British Christmases. Fairy lights and tinsel don't work so well when the sun shines so brightly.

But penguins? Is it the snow do you suppose? Could it be the John Lewis ad from 2014 featuring Monty the Penguin? If you have never seen this utterly charming commercial do click on the link. Maybe it's something to do with the Penguins of Madagascar (who I love, but I find they're more fun in French). Who knows. But whatever it is here we have a festive Christmas penguin snack.

This is a crispy snack made from maize, potato and tapioca. And basically it's a sort of Pom Bear in disguise. A vaguely penguiny disguise. And it has a light fluffy foamy bite and a light slightly salty sort of a taste. And quite nice.

Merry Christmas! Perhaps there'll be a penguin under your Christmas tree this year. But don't forget, crisp fans, penguins are for life, not just for Christmas.

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